Your Voice is a Comfort

Your voice is a comfort
That I crave incessantly,
Its warmth surrounding me
Like a favourite blanket.
I capture the sound
With my ears, and I store it
Safe in my head, and I keep
The feeling it gives me
Boxed up inside my heart
Like a precious, priceless gift.
I let it spread throughout me,
The sensation energising
And euphoric, radiating
A warmth no one else can.

Your voice is a comfort,
And when I taste your kiss on my lips
I savour the hint of it on my tongue,
Rolling it around my mouth like a marble,
Keeping it there for as long as it lasts.
Knowing a piece of you is inside me,
Even just for now, awakens in me a joy
Kaleidoscopic in nature, helping me see
Everything in colour and sharpness.
We are one for a time, and I treasure the moment.

Your voice is a comfort,
A precious pearl in a sea of anxiety.
It soothes me to hear you speak,
Laugh, sing. When you cry,
I want to gather you in my arms
And hold you safe forever, the way
That I hold your voice in my head,
And I hope to soothe you as you do me.
Your voice is a comfort. In it I find home.