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Safe Place is a poetic and videographic exploration into the technique of visualisation which is used in some therapeutic practices. Andrew Stewart, aka ‘Cadman The Aviator’ who wrote and shot the piece, draws footage from around the mouth of the river Don and combines it with a dreamy musical accompaniment and soothing poetry to create an immersive relaxation space.

Julian Maunder has been a photographer for four decades.  His particular interest is in portraits, and he has regular commissions photographing musicians, dancers, public speakers and martial artists.  “I have a basic rule,” he says, “that I get by with the simplest lighting arrangement possible for any given subject.  This often results in a natural look, but with the added drama of what is more often than not a single light source.” 

Charly Rattray and her muse Marlee Von Ostrand set out an ethereal and surreal series of photographs. With a muted colour palette and the employment of a particularly aqueous quality of light, the familiar landmarks of the area are transformed into a somnambulic landscape between waking life and sleep. Each frame of Dream moves through this landscape, rousing slowly and steadily towards the point of lucidity.

Lightness of touch, intimacy, and a subtle sense of irony and contrast infuse Isla Goldie’s photography, both in tender nature close-ups and scenes of urban life. This small selection covers work from projects across the last couple of years, all based in Aberdeen. 

A keen explorer of the Aberdeenshire wilderness, particularly Deeside, and has a penchant for abandoned buildings. Naomi has a vast catalogue of photographs from Aberdeen City and Shire which she has allowed us to use for illustrating the Leopard Arts website.

Alison Chandler is a Dundonian artist, now based in Johnshaven in Aberdeenshire, and co-founder of the Way Through Project. Alison’s passion and involvement in art spans a lifetime, but a life-threatening diagnosis and a difficult path towards recovery, punctuated by complications, have spun her art in a new direction over the past few years.