Three Poems

Force fed
Have to force every part and piece of me
Choke it down
Tough then tender
Till meat falls of the bone
What a mouth-watering sight
You grinding my bones
To bake your bread
Dripping with butter
Made from my fat
Ethical cannibalism
At last
Your careful
To make sure you
Use every part
Every piece
Spin my hair to thread
Oh so in sustainable
Nose to tail dinning at its finest
You sure do put the butch in butchery
Make sure to see my slaughter as the laugh
That it was
Tongue in cheek humour
Ironic given you swallowed mine

Cranberry kisses
I think our kisses
Would taste like cranberries
And filled
With unquenchable thirst
Lips like
Bitter tasting berries
A sour thing sweetened

Wipe your hands clean
Of the stain
That my affection leaves
I am eternally
A small child
For the inappropriateness
Of my affection