The Tides Rise and Fall with Me and You

You have to understand I have been lied to, I’m sorry to say,
I was told from books that love is a storm and hearts are its prey,
That love is a passionate flurry of feeling that flashes red,
That sweeps you off your feet and messes with your head.

That you’re lucky if you find a book- like romance,
For example, love from just one glance,
Or a sexy, moody man with a soft spot just for me,
But to be honest I’d rather lie in bed with you and a cup of tea.

Love with you comes softly like your thumb on my cheek,
Like water flowing over pebbles in a little creek,
Or your laugh as we ask stupid ‘would you rather?’ questions in bed,
Or standing in the co-op talking about the best kind of bread.

Love with you cannot be described as a colour like red or blue,
For it is so much larger than colour and will exist long after me and you,
I hear it in the wind outside my window, in the cracking of dry leaves under my feet,
I smell it in the ocean air, in that fresh breeze, salty but almost sweet.

Love with you is not a storm or a loud crashing of water engulfing the land,
It’s the soft flowing of the sea caressing the sand,
For when the moon calls the tide she follows our cue,
The tides rise and fall with me and you.

You are my best friend, my favourite memories personified,
To me you are the north star, my only true guide,
You are the soft orange- pink of the best sunset,
And every day I thank the stars that we met,

We are bound together now but not due to destiny,
Due to our own choice to love and give it so willingly,
The world knows it and even years from now when our time is through
The tides will still rise and fall with me and you.