The Seasons I Loved You

Weak winter sun,
And your hand wrapped around mine,
Fingers entwined to stave off the cold.
Sweet words whispered into frosty clouds.
How I love you in these long nights.

Warm spring breezes,
And a flower in your hand
Tucked behind my ear.
Promises of affection lost into the wind,
How I fall for you in these bright days.

Wilting summer heat,
And your hands plucking at the grass,
Avoiding accidental touches.
Regretfully bitter phrases muttered in spite,
How I break for you in these sun-soaked evenings.

Wet autumn afternoons,
And a book in my hand.
Reading of romances that outlast our own.
Quotes recited to empty air,
How I miss you in these sweet golden hours.

Wild winter storms,
And my hands tucked in gloves.
Watching the snow tumble,
Humming a new favourite song,
How I forget you in these moments.