Week One


Poetry Anton Truck-Lindahl sends us short poem reflects on one small and seemingly insignificant object embodying the potential of eternity. Swiping and wiping wouldn’t work here, On the glossy mountain the crumpled receipt Forms atop the ottoman, Peaked by tiny ink men, Contorting their bodies to shape the numbers telling me How much I spent …

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Facing Truth

Non-Fiction Abi Underwood-Green blends genres in this creative and poetic essay exploring reasons to write evoking themes of trauma and the quotidian. There will always be reasons not to write. The window pulls my attention; the lightly swaying branches stripped naked by the autumnbreezes. The time; reminding me of how little daylight we have left, …

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A Quiet Earth

Daniel Conn’s A Quiet Earth documents the world of Aberdeen’s iconic medium-density housing during the bleakest moments of 2020’s Summer lockdown. The accompanying essay tracks the story behind photographs as they explore the identity of a personless world.  Each one of these photographs radiates the barren heat of the summer of 2020, yet they glimmer …

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Music Following on from her May release The Good Times, featured on Leopard Arts in July, Emma Forman shares with us OPTIK – an ambitious track completed earlier this year. In collaboration with independent London-based musician 6402, Forman departs from the more conventional post-punk sounds of The Good Times with this new synth-infused offering. Related Content

Hunters In The Snow

Poetry Deborah Benson returns with wintery poetry that draws inspiration from the work of Peter Brueghel to reflect on themes of grief.                        After Peter Bruegel A hoverfly has lightedon my open book,the gold iridescence of its wings,its almost transparent body,a tiny calibrated test tubeof …

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