Sand, Silt, Flint

Music Sand, Silt, Flint is an enchanting and ambitious project lead by Scottish/Burmese folk experimentalist Fiona Soe Paing and featuring a glittering array of local musical talent. This album blends traditional timbres and lyrics with ground-breaking production techniques, featuring a mixture of re-arranged traditional ballads and new compositions. Dark, mysterious, haunting in the most scintillating …

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Music  Apricity juxtaposes the harsh concrete world of the city with the tranquillity of the garden – so important to many during the months of isolation – with a lush lyricism. Embedded within a dreamlike musical accompaniment, this piece is best enjoyed with the sound of rain against the cobbles or the sounds of a …

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Music ‘Major Briggs’ is the new collaborative effort of Aberdeen’s most enigmatic noisemaker and it’s most loudmouthed poet: Thomas Emslie a.k.a Erskine Lynas a.k.a T_A_M and Molly McLachlan : Poetry & Etc. ‘Gilcomston’ develops the ethereal and melancholic sound laid down by Emslie in his sound of the summer album ‘A Menagerie For One’ but ‘Major Briggs’ moves with …

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Dr. Fritz Wendland

Music Charlie Abel is a local Accordion player, mostly widely known for his tenureship over the Blue Lamp traditional music session every Monday and as the front man of Aberdonian ceilidh band Iron Broo. Here you can listen to his track, Dr. Fitz Wendland from his album A Celtic Voice. His Youtube channel also features a …

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Recruitin’ Sang

Music Following on from the release of his single ‘At the Loanin Mou’, Ruaraidh Wishart has launched a full album of tracks based on the poetry of Charles Murray. Playing under the name Little League Rebellion, Ruaraidh utilises the recorder to create rock inspired historical tracks translating Murray’s poems for a modern audience. One of …

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Lips Destroy Sun

Music Matt Gibb is a locally based Electronic musician, student and founding member of the Re-Analogue arts collective. His most recent EP, ‘Lips Destroy Sun’, is comprised of four tracks of dreamy ambient electronica which blend together DIY synths and drumbeats with vocal samples. One can certainly pick out the influences from lo-fi hip-hop and …

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Music Following on from her May release The Good Times, featured on Leopard Arts in July, Emma Forman shares with us OPTIK – an ambitious track completed earlier this year. In collaboration with independent London-based musician 6402, Forman departs from the more conventional post-punk sounds of The Good Times with this new synth-infused offering. Related Content