Marka Rifat

Et In Argot Ego

Non-Fiction Et In Argot Ego is a genre-leaping essay which delivers a passionate defence, and celebration with relish, of the English language’s reflexivity. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have heard the cases for and against those who stand before you. You have heard that while they admit they have been seen, heard and …

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Here’s a Tip

Non-Fiction Marka Rifat returns to the Leopard Arts pages with another thought provoking essay with Here’s a Tip a short musing on tipping in Theatres. The theatre, remember that? Over the hubbub of voices, assuring the harassed woman at the reception desk that you really do have four tickets to collect and, as the growing …

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Try Reading

Non-Fiction Try Reading essay reflects upon the mundanity of lockdown and considers an approach taken by Poet laureate Simon Armitage. “…from a creative point of view, everything has just become a little bit overfamiliar,” observed poet laureate Simon Armitage (8 May edition of the Guardian Review) and this has been a common enough comment since …

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