Jodie Mackay


Poetry By examining imagery and symbolism from trees, Rebirth is a transformative nature poem describing life’s constantly returning cycle. I stare at her in the lake Baobab roots plunge down from under the eyes Hollow rotting wood, sacrificing its leaves to the soil Unfertilised muck, enamoured on by the flies.   This wilting willow will …

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Grave of the Worms

Poetry Mackay’s Grave of the Worms uses mythological imagery and a child’s-eye view to retell a story of past guilt and dead worms. At first I don’t recall The exact shape of the trees Or the wicked zest painting your eyes. My memory is dazed and glowing The light shooing out what once was my …

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Poetry Jodie Mackay returns to the pages of Leopard Arts with her new offering ‘Siren’, a haunting tale of warning from a poetic old sailor. Written in a style reminiscent of Coleridge and the old ballads, ‘Siren’ captures the horror of the mythical being in a broad dialect of lingering dread. A hear yir hearin’ …

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