Hannah Nicholson

The Leech

Poetry Turning away from her characteristic use of Shetland dialect, Hannah Nicholson likens the experience of depression to a leech. A popular term for depression Is ‘the black dog’, and sufferers Are described as ‘dancing with it’.  While that comparison works well,  I find it to be more like a leech,  And a particularly greedy …

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Poetry Turning her usually anthropocentric eye towards nature’s glory, Hannah Nicholson renders a calm, dewy morning with bright air and Girse. Hit’s a cöl, bright voar moarnin’ Whan I step oot intae da back green Wearin’ juist me night claes An’ me bare feet. Da sun hings idda sky Bright an’ shinin’ abön me,  An’ …

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Poetry In a poetic rendering of her native Shetlandic dialect Hannah Nicholson muses on the importance of Brae – a village on the Shetland mainland. Hit’s fairly grown an’ cheenged ower da years But den so am I, so ir we aa’.  Whin I wis peerie, da neebirs wir fine,  Da skule wis full, an’ …

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