White Coffee

Prose She cupped her hands around the mug, chasing away the cold settling into her fingers. She remembered the first time she’d been in this café, her first date with him, and despite the fact that he no longer accompanied her, she still found herself sitting at the same table by the window every week. …

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Prose I crave the peace of knowing another. Of another knowing me. At 1 AM the past lovers who never made it past six months haunt me. I am afraid to love, and I am afraid to be loved because those moments are what keep me up at night. When they told me they loved …

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Unknowable Thing

Prose Content Warnings: Neurodivergent (autistic) perspective, implied ableism That time of the year again. Your time. That cushy little month where the winter days begin tofade and the sun comes poking out, when everyone gathers together to share theirexperiences with you. They tell stories about how you brought them together, completed thatpart of them they …

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