You Complete Me

Prose I sit in silence and shed the bark from my hide, gouged out by claws of an entity bound to hunger and corrupt. In quiets of Wednesdays and when faced with questions about time I frame them  with your face and soundtrack them to your voice. Winding my timepiece with your gilted teeth, fastening my …

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Prose Every pulley cable in every machine in the gym was taut with anticipation. The chest press stood stoic and still, the mill dared not tread, the dumbbells stared from their racks in mute stupidity, and the elliptical machine, in its silence, could have been omitted from the gathering altogether to no noticeable effect. All …

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Frank Stone

Prose Beady-eyed under bushy eyebrows, old Nettie watched as Frank Stone, Drumblae’s village postie, conducted his regular fight with her broken garden gate. The gatepost at the hinged side had long been loose in the ground and when the gate was opened it had to be lifted up at the handle side to get it …

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