A Photo

Poetry How lonely the moonwe love in two ways:once for her fullness,then her going away. How lonely the rosewe love in one way:the gasp of her bloommarks the start of decay. How lovely my wifewho is loved all the time.She outlives the snapshotsthat capture her life.


Poetry I will Write For youUntil You find me. I imagine I am sitting In a café, Reading about A couple In love When you walk In. I imagine You bumping into Me in a crowded Street and you Stop as time freezes All around us.I imagine when I see you It will All make …

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Bloody Waters

Poetry We were all teeth,Fingers in mouths –ChompingAt the bit.The first timeWe kissed, at the subway station,I felt it rise upFrom my feet.I thought I was flying.My lips stung with you,The whole way home.I kept touching them,Just to check they were still there.I remember your metallic taste The last time was on Princes Street.I couldn’t …

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