A Garden for Two

Poetry My chest grows a gardenmy heart rests in grassI water the weeds with her tears and her laughs.My ribs are the rivers, my gut is the lawnverdant with dreams, for her hopes to feed on.My chest grows a gardenfor her heart to reside:My love is like flowers growing inside.


Poetry It is Not that I want You back But more That I want you Never to Have gone. You handed Me a shovelAnd we dug Ourselves into A grave. HandsCaked In mud,I tried to Dig us Back outWhileYou laid down And let Us die. Now we live In a ghost town.I drift throughStreets Tainted …

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Poetry You’re my favourite weather,Gloomy and overcastMisty with a tinge of blue,Moody and melancholicTo match the mood of my soul.The seductive questionHinting at rainDampness in the airYou tease me,You tell me your going to but you haven’t yetLeaving me in anticipationHiding things I would usually seeA path blocked by mistOnly to reveal the truth in …

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