Poetry I slip Into a daydream Somewhere By the Sea. My fingers Locked within The grasp Of a hand That loves Me. I flash a smile To the One Who knows Me. For the firstTime,I am seen And I am Understood. On my darkest Nights,They are there.They will Not leave. The sun blindsBut we Hide …

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Poetry no scars on me, lassyou said, walking awayand I could see clear, tooyour enamelled composure, whiteflawless as a wedding night sheetmagic doorsin the mountainside closed over anything I might have dared to saybeatas I might at that unbroken surfaceI am the child in the snowstripped bare of argument andshivering I revisitthe plain where new …

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Poetry I remember the next-door-neighbour-boy(not sure which one)Telling meThat the milky whiteness dripping from the stemOf the dandelion he’d given meWas how it made baby dandelionsAnd that it was poisonous to the touch. I dropped the flower, and he picked it up and handed it back to me.It was a gift after all. Now, I …

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On the Path

Poetry You began to walk, by my side.We were both broken. I was cold, and you wrapped a blanket round my shoulderssaying,‘It’s ok. Let’s walk together for a while and see where we go.’I agreed and took your large rough hand in mine.