The Last Door

Poetry You said you’ll go, and I was fine. After all, I knew that a year ago. Yet, there were times you changed your mind, it created hopes of many kinds. Not just in me. I was the last one to believe. Somehow, I am now relieved. At least I know. But then again, I …

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Chocolate Digestives

Poetry Saint Valentine peers over earth on February 14th.‘How am I being celebrated today, I wonder?’ He ponders.His wonder is struck by the boom of a new love –a love so pure,a love that could cure.Valentine finds it fascinating,until he leans closer,and finds it belongs to a young Scottish girland her packet of chocolate digestives.He …

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Kissing a Smoker

Poetry You pulled me close,Leaned down,And our lipsLocked on collision.Your tongue slicedLike a blade through an envelopeAnd reached into my mouth for mine.When they connectedI picked up the stale tasteOf cigarettes, musty, like damp airOn a muggy morning,The sour and deadly perfumeOf burnt leaves.For the most part,I lived for your kisses,But I never stopped wishingThat …

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