The Edinburgh Organisation celebrates 100 days.

The 1st Councilor has held a speech yesterday to celebrate the 100th day from the installment of the Edinburgh Organisation. The leader of the emergency government remembered the victims of last summer bombings, encouraging the people to keep up the positive spirit. He promoted the new Reconstruction Plan launched last Tuesday, reassuring the crowd that in two years Scotland will be able to provide for its population in autonomy. The EU has granted the Edinburgh Organisation another 7 months of aid, after which the monthly food dispatchment could cease. The 1st Councilor confidently claimed that the EU will not abandon Scotland.

 The crowd gathered in Holyrood was little impressed. “The food is less and less every day, and what are we going put on the table at Christmas!?” told me an attendee of the event. Christmas is a big worry for the Scottish people and for some is more than just what they are going to eat. Shona Fraser’s daughter was living in Portsmouth when they dropped the bomb and she has not heard from her for over three months. “I don’t even know if she is alive. We do not know what has happened there!”. The central government in London has now been silent 132 days and there are still no news coming through from the south of England.

 In the meanwhile, outside of Edinburgh refugees’ numbers keep increasing and the violence has gone up 37% since last month with the Aberdeenshire being named the most violent area in Scotland. The Scottish Emergency Shelter Alliance accuses the government for the chaos that has spread outside of the city walls. “The EO is neglecting the Scottish people. Most of the undocumented refugees are regular citizens who have been victims of bandit raids and have had their Citizen Cards stolen. They cannot enter the city nor use the safe road web. They are stuck and their only resource is to join the same bandit gangs they have fallen victims of. It is a vicious circle that the government is completely ignoring “ was posted on SESA’s TikTok page two days ago. The Edinburgh Organisation has refused to respond to the accusations but last month the 1st Councilor had addressed the issue claiming that there is not enough resources and the government cannot afford to let the undocumented refugees in.

On the other hand, the number of documented refugees has risen to over 17,000 after the bombings of Glasgow last September, which has put a strain on the most populated areas of the city. Last week food rations stands in Pilton and Muirhouse had to halve their food rations in order to be able to feed the whole constituency.

 Violence within the city walls has been the lowest ever since the increase of the Enforcement Officers patrols last month but Edinburgh feels nothing like safe. With the end of the year approaching Scotland’s future seems more uncertain than ever but yesterday the 1st Councilor reassured the people that “2035 will be the year of the rise-up”.

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– Posted on Iona Grant’s TikTok on 24 Nov 2035