Isla Goldie

Isla Goldie is a photography and visual artist that has a specific interest in the human condition, in particular the fleeting moments of fragility, preciousness and unpredictability that it can create. Of course, this is done largely against the Granite backdrop of Aberdeen, and the contrast between the two often defines the nature of her work.

 In her own words: “I bring to light fleeting moments of fragility, preciousness and unpredictability using Aberdeen and its landmark architecture as a defining granite backdrop. In a fast moving, media drenched, pixel scrutinising world, the ghostly images are a contrary noeme to the regular photograph: an irregular mode of observation and a portrayal of an alternative consciousness by way of photographic technique. I engage with places or moments that evoke compassion for life. Humbled by it’s delicate, fading beauty, selectively removing distraction and enhancing detail, awakening colour and feeling, and finally, using mirror and metal as a medium, producing a disturbance of light from the viewer, into the work itself.” 

You can see more of Isla’s work through the following links: 




Isla also works on her facebook page, ‘Street Photography Scotland’, a passion project to try and bring a specifically Scottish space for Street photography, which she collaborates on with some peers. You can see more at:

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