Restoration of Faith

We are not yet friends,

We’ve only just met,

But neither strangers,

My gut feeling states,

Up on my feet I am again,

Wanting to be near and closer,

To further open that door I am standing outside now,

Without an explicit reason I am drawn towards you

The time isn’t right for me to be frank with you.

We’ve met only twice,

Spoken for a few hours,

Personal and business matters,

Dark humour and chauvinistic jokes drew us close,

Closer than any novel romance,

I have not before believed in real love,

But this feeling is quite close,

I would like to follow and find

If our two meetings and few hours may lead

To golden age of celebrations and daily joys 

Foremost, I wish to know you well, friend,

And then, I wish to know you better, as a best friend,

And if that sustains, in the future, I will write with sentiment,

Gushy love and more, that obviously I have never known before.

I cannot write much longer, not quite yet,

Whether we are brought together by fate,

Or by specific circumstances,

I will take my time and explore all that I now know,

Question all that is yet unknown,

And later, if you admit to the same, or the contrary

I shall cry either way, but mainly feeling thankful towards you,

To have restored my faith in love,

Once again, the unknown isn’t scary,

But a new, exciting journey.