D’you ken aboot John?
John fae roon the back o’ Gordon?
His grunny’s brither wis a Jacobite?
Aye well John:
Shot in the merkit gate.
Ach well at’s fit happens fan ye ging to a place lik at.
Peer quine, hid fowr loons but eens deid,
Allest nae jist ten.
She’ll nae be there much langer.
Wis an affa mount o drink involved.
Peggy, ken Peggy, bides ower the road fae Dod?
Her man’s ih Auchterturra dominee?
Aye well Peggy’s sister’s man’s untie’s pal,
Kens ih boy.
Ih boy’s grunny’s brither wis anither Jacobite!
Like John’s grunny’s brither?
Och yer coorse nae lisnin.
How d’yenae ken John?
Thoucht you kint the Jacobites.