Recruitin’ Sang

Following on from the release of his single ‘At the Loanin Mou’, Ruaraidh Wishart has launched a full album of tracks based on the poetry of Charles Murray. Playing under the name Little League Rebellion, Ruaraidh utilises the recorder to create rock inspired historical tracks translating Murray’s poems for a modern audience.

One of the tracks on the EP, ‘Recruitin’ Sang’, whipped up a storm when Ruaraidh played it live at our Summer Offering showcase in August 2021 – the recorder like you have never heard it before.

“I first encountered the poetry of Charles Murray in 2014 whilst working on a heritage education project about NE Scotland’s experience of the First World War – “Hard Vrocht Grun”. I was struck by how powerfully he projected the voices and views of the farming people in the region at that time, making them live again. Some of the views are surprising, others have a timeless and universal quality.“