I stare at her in the lake

Baobab roots plunge down from under the eyes

Hollow rotting wood, sacrificing its leaves to the soil

Unfertilised muck, enamoured on by the flies.


This wilting willow will perish

For inside, is a flourishing seed

It thieves from nutrients, and forbids the sun

Overpowering without a voice, relentless in its feed.


Borne out of love

But bringing only terror

Branches excrete poisonous sap, thorns leaping from bark

No one will dare to come any nearer.


And so this solid oak stands alone

Tactile breeze tears the leaves, strips the soul bare

Trunk bending over backwards she imitates a crippled hag

Shackled into making a choice, speak up if you dare.


Now on the verge of collapse our sycamore raises a branch

Towards the tip of the horizon where balances the sun

The tree surgeon has rebirthed the pine

And the heavens openly bloom to applaud this is done.


Silver linings rupture and the clouds unleash their pelt

Ground and soil blanketed with dew

Evergreen roots nestle down, confide with the worms

Mother Nature has declared it is time to start anew.


Defaced and detached

The seed is unlatched

The rowan now free

To be nothing, but be.