Love Poem On The Victoria Line

Hanna Louise’s Love Poem On The Victoria Line is chaotic and tender, depicting London and the ecstatic energy it imbues a relationship with.

we are tiny cells in the bloodstream of london
coursing through the blue line
headed straight for its glorious heart.
the train churns through darkness, coughs us up
in the blackened lung of the station
where life bleeds from underground into the street.
we dance in time with the city’s reckless heartbeat.

here we are young and belong to no-one.
we are unmoored and giddy, terrified and free,
our lives unspool before us and for a moment we
forget ourselves.

on the victoria line to brixton,
we brush last night off our workday skin,
still glowing from the lights on millenium bridge.
they kissed us neon at midnight,
made our souls electric,
whispered softly in our wanting ears
that we could be anyone here.

there is comfort in knowing we’re all lost and lonely,
all gut-twisting hungry for change and unholy,
all greedy and desperate and craving and running,
all someone and no one and nothing
ever felt more like home.