North East Mid Summer

Fin Hall juxtaposes the natural beauty and harmony of the Aberdeenshire landscape with the brutality of modern life, amplifying tragedy.

The time between sunset and sunrise
A valley full of mist
The type that lingers low,
And you above it by the side of the road
Just away from the road
Gazing at the beauty
The serenity of the world at peace
At that singular moment of time
The sun, barely warming the air
But the promise is there
A promise of a river to be seen,
Some greenery to dry out
A lorry, delivering stock to Tesco
Goes by, shattering the silence.
But just for one moment,
One distracting and annoying moment
Then, as quick as it appeared, it’s gone.
A lone heron passes nearby,
The sky still
Still and waiting for more avian creatures to fill it.
The tops of trees poking through the moisture
Unsure as yet, whether it is time to begin the day

That uncertain period
In this part of the world, when darkness barely reaches
Barely breaches the fields and beaches
Where, if you stand on the shore
Arms outstretched
You can almost measure the sun going down at your left hand
Then, a short time later, after following the glow along the North Sea horizon,
You can see it rise by your right.

But wait, back by the roadside ,
The silence continues

More birds stir
Some rabbits scamper in the field
In the other side of the field where they pay no attention
To you.
To you and your silence
The mist still persists, not willing to give up its place
It’s place, where nature controls
And souls enjoy this timely silence
Another truck, and a car or two
Going where they have to go

Then just the natural order of life and beasts.
A bee, getting the pollen before other bees
The buzzing sounding like an air horn in the quietness
The absolute quiescence of the here and now
This light is changing now,
Less serene
Less soft
The sun is forcing its warmth
But you still feel the chill
You lie there, on the wet grass, by the the tracks you left
Your vehicle not far away
The grey low clouds disappearing
Faster now
But still taciturn around you
Surrounds you

As the day gets brighter
Your weight seems lighter
Your mood uncaring
Sharing your thoughts with the insects
The insects crawling
Not stalling as they alight on you

More noise
More cars, they stop,
They look at the scenic view
And you, just out of sight
You try
It’s getting colder now
And darker
And damper
Lights flash
And the silence now shattered 
A siren
Too late
You stop thinking

Your car upside down yards from you
Glass shattered,
Some entangled in your hair
You care not
You care for nought
No thoughts left
Your eyes stare aimlessly
A fly lands on one
You don’t blink
You don’t move
You don’t think

The ambulance men
Scramble down the bank
The dankness not hindering
No lingering for them

They reach the stillness that is you
Too late

Your natural light has gone out.