Early On A Saturday

Early On A Saturday is a stream of consciousness – drinking in the surroundings of a morning at a cafe and rendering it as pure experience.

Sitting in a cafe,
Just opposite the maternity wing of the hospital,
40 minutes early for my appointment
Not at the maternity obviously
But at a bit I’ve never been to before.
The cafe, run by friendly Asians,
Is called Granmas Something or other.
Also Sugar and Spice.
Two places knocked into one.
It smells of fried breakfasts.
Smoky, yet clean and cosy.
On a cold morning.
The young man who took my order walks precariously over with my cup
Steaming hot and string.
To sugars on the side,
Even though I don’t take sugar.
Minutes ago he came and cleaned the table.
Trust me to sit at the one uncleaned table.
An older man sorts out the delivery orders.
There were two other couples when I came in.
All younger than me.
Middle aged.
One couple have now left.
The other two are sitting on their phones
Ha, the young folk of today.