Christopher Street

What does your brother know,


Of your mind and how it works,

As you dress up in your finery

And steal out into the night 

With painted nails, and ocean hair

Flouncing your performative femininity

Sharing dances, furtive glances

As you walk against the tide

Confident in your pride

The right to be, the right to see

The things you want to see. 

Your brother lives in his own world

You in yours

But you can share the love of sport,

One is not exclusive of the other

It’s just your brother doesn’t understand 

How a man can love a man

And even though he doesn’t know,

Even though he can’t quite get it

He doesn’t mind

He doesn’t care

Because he is your brother. 

He will pick you up, when the night is done

When the party is over and you are red with invigoration

Even though he doesn’t understand your situation,

He will drive you home

And make sure you’re safe


Because he is your brother.