6.30 Train

Union Square

Early morning

Barely awake

Snatched a quick breakfast

Running to catch tomorrow before it gets away

Running to catch the train

Running to avoid the rain

Clickety Clack

Clickety Clack

Clickety Clack

Checking if you have your mask

Leaving lockdown city

Returning to  your work

The sky is grey

The sky is pretty

Thinking of your wife

Your life 

Your  kids at home

Back to school for the first time

You wife alone

 For the first time in months 

The tiredness of this time of the morning

The sadness of travelling alone

From the  lockdown zone

The meeting after lunch

A hunch,

 It will be a breeze

As the trees whizz by 

You try to rest

But your mind is elsewhere 

The meeting after lunch 



 No booking made for  lunch

Just the sandwiches in your bag

If they last that long