White lights of the departure gate.
People re-packing.
You have a flight to catch,
but I’m the one who’s in a hurry.
No time to cry just now.
Easier to appear strong,
when you keep yourself occupied.
This is how I deal with sadness.

So you need to go.
Like many times before, I couldn’t read your eyes.
A bit hesitant, maybe.
Confused, or slightly anxious?
I don’t know.
Fingers sliding down on each-other’s arms.
The touch of your soft coat.
Oh, I wish I could’ve asked to exchange it to mine.
So I could cuddle it at nights.
To extend the experience.
To imagine the body-heat.
What are we doing?
What are we doing?
You’ll meet again,
whispers my heart like Vera Lynn.
And like in that song:
“Don’t know how, don’t know when.”
Except you’re not going into a war.
You’re going to have a time of your life.
Like you had with me. With us.
What the heck, I know you did.
The last kiss.
So hungry, slightly desperate.
I love you.
I’m fond of you.
I’ll push you to go.
So we could meet again.
Don’t know where, how, and when.
I’ll wave you, but you don’t look back.
It’s easier that way.
And when you walk your way to security,
it’s time for me to leave the gates.
So I could never see if you looked back or not.
We’re both on our ways to something new.
To safe adventures, my dear!