My Brain Is Funny

My Brain Is Funny is a frank, yet humourous, poetic look at the reality of life with autism with all of its exhaustion, difficulties, and fun

My brain is funny, it’s not like others
Not like my brothers’ not like my mother’s
My brain is funny, perhaps it’s all wrong
I’ll maybe think about it, over my favourite song
My brain is funny, works in mysterious ways
Though one little mistake, on my mind for days

My brain is funny, like colours in different hues
It doesn’t let me read feelings, or silent social cues
My brain is funny, about as much as a cartoon duck
When in social events, my brain makes me go ‘aw, fuck’
Wait, should I have said that? I guess I think so
My brain’s not exactly telling me yes or no

My brain is funny, it makes me hyperfixate
And when I try to find new interests, it’s already too late
Hedgehogs, police boxes, monsters, dinosaurs galore
I really don’t think my brain can fit in any more
My brain is funny, but I suppose that that’s just fine
Because this is the only brain that I can call mine.