Theo Pieczka-Garner

Ceaseless Watcher

Poetry Today I went walking,And realised I had been inside long enoughFor mist to descend on the cityAs I looked up at the lights in the tower blocksLike great elevators ascendingInto nowhere.I took myself to the beach.I stood alone,At the shore.I stood there for long enoughTo watch the mist creep up on meFrom all sides.I …

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Bloody Waters

Poetry We were all teeth,Fingers in mouths –ChompingAt the bit.The first timeWe kissed, at the subway station,I felt it rise upFrom my feet.I thought I was flying.My lips stung with you,The whole way home.I kept touching them,Just to check they were still there.I remember your metallic taste The last time was on Princes Street.I couldn’t …

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