Laura Watt


Poetry It is Not that I want You back But more That I want you Never to Have gone. You handed Me a shovelAnd we dug Ourselves into A grave. HandsCaked In mud,I tried to Dig us Back outWhileYou laid down And let Us die. Now we live In a ghost town.I drift throughStreets Tainted …

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Grocery Store

Poetry The placeThat I hate Seeing Couples The most Is the Grocery store. They drift Through theAisles, Filling their Basket As it Awkwardly ClattersAgainst Their thighs. I look For small Enough portions To not Be wasteful, But Everything Is portioned For two. I get frostbite From the MemoryOf how you Used to kiss Me in …

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Poetry I will Write For youUntil You find me. I imagine I am sitting In a café, Reading about A couple In love When you walk In. I imagine You bumping into Me in a crowded Street and you Stop as time freezes All around us.I imagine when I see you It will All make …

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Poetry I slip Into a daydream Somewhere By the Sea. My fingers Locked within The grasp Of a hand That loves Me. I flash a smile To the One Who knows Me. For the firstTime,I am seen And I am Understood. On my darkest Nights,They are there.They will Not leave. The sun blindsBut we Hide …

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Poetry Laura Bruce(Like the shark)Watt. I learn to summariseMyself, Peeling down Into a few Paragraphs. I am a poet,I can romanticise Even the worstOf youIf you let Me. I like Long walks By the sea. It would Be niceIf you Could walk With me. On weekdays I slog Through The pressures Of my corporate Job, …

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Poetry Falling in love Happens So quickly I can barely Catch My breath As you take It away. Choking, I beg For air. You are suffocating Me. A sharp Pain PuncturesAs you sting Me with Your words. But I will Rebuild And it will All be Sweet again.