Ewan Wallace

Or Just Standing?

Poetry Blending emotional experience and political analysis, Or Just Standing? is a howl against racial an economic oppression in modern America. All the truth comes storming outOf candle lit backroomsLighting them one by oneCandle by candle Of throttlingsShootingsGassingsThrashings LynchingsForget about that just go back to work. Lucky you still have a job And lootingsWhat of …

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Sarin Gas Dreams

Poetry Hallucinations of horrific abuses of power haunt Ewan Wallace’s Sarin Gas Dreams but his poetic distortions muddy their irreality. I toss and turn in tumult Like a Tomahawk missile Changing course mid-flight To strike at nothing A floating hot death-mask Shifting amidst hurried aphasia Racing between sarin gas dreams   I cannot sleep when …

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Freezing Rain

Poetry Louisiana-born poet Euan Wallace reflects on the trauma inherited from his grandfather’s experience in war and its influence on him today. I still carry my grandfather’s German plane bullet in my asthmatic lung When he flew his best friend’s head home In his lap   He was hailed a hero and promptly served a …

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