Birgit Itse

The Last Door

Poetry You said you’ll go, and I was fine. After all, I knew that a year ago. Yet, there were times you changed your mind, it created hopes of many kinds. Not just in me. I was the last one to believe. Somehow, I am now relieved. At least I know. But then again, I …

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Poetry “Go!” White lights of the departure gate. Beeping. People re-packing. You have a flight to catch, but I’m the one who’s in a hurry. No time to cry just now. Easier to appear strong, when you keep yourself occupied. This is how I deal with sadness. So you need to go. Like many times …

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Kisses That Keep Me Awake

Poetry WTF just happened,asked my brain after my thinking returned.I expected a kiss. Even a good one.But not this.Not that I’d think about your kisseseven when days have passed.That my body remembers your kisses.Is longing for them.That my body is asking for morewhispers and silent moans on our lips,our tongues playing,my heart hittingthe bottom of …

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