Abigail Underwood

See Me

Poetry I made a slingshotfrom a wishbone,duct taped a twigto make a handle,used tendons fromthe heart you ripped outfor elasticand a napkin with anotherwoman’s numberas the pouch. Our love; weaponisedwith light fromdays too distant –unsaid anger scaldstoo encroaching fingertipsas I pull it backbeyond the boundariesof acceptable behaviour,and aim for a placeneither of us remembers. The …

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Facing Truth

Non-Fiction Abi Underwood-Green blends genres in this creative and poetic essay exploring reasons to write evoking themes of trauma and the quotidian. There will always be reasons not to write. The window pulls my attention; the lightly swaying branches stripped naked by the autumnbreezes. The time; reminding me of how little daylight we have left, …

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