About Us

Leopard Arts is an organisation founded to publish and promote art in Aberdeen from across disciplines. We believe that Aberdeen has a lot to offer when it comes to art, with many disparate and yet vibrant scenes working parallel to each other. However,  the relative disparity between these groups means that one can feel isolated in Aberdeen and cut off from the rest. A throbbing spoken word night can feel a million miles away from an innovative studio, or from a budding independent film.

We think this is counter-intuitive. It leads the people of Aberdeen to believe that our city is dull, grey and dreary. A place that artists come from and not somewhere they succeed. By offering an online space where anybody can publish their work, we aim to herald, excite and energise the Arts by offering a single hub for all the flourishing Artistic scenes.

Our Editors

Kirsty Lawie

Kirsty is a postgraduate in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Aberdeen. She has a great amount of experience in running large-scale events, social media management and website development from her contributions to the University’s WayWord Festival.

Will Creed

Will is a founding member of Leopard Arts and has lived in Aberdeen for 8 years, mostly studying at UoA. He has experience in writing essays and reviews for IV as well as his own fiction and poetry. Will is very interested in folk art, postmodern nonsense and anti-modern theory. 

Naomi Christie

Naomi is a graduate from the University of Aberdeen, holding an MA in English and a Masters in Literature Studies. She is an Aberdeen local, a photographer and street artist, with a keen interest in local history, gender theory, and nineteenth-century Scottish fiction.