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“The spookily similar pandemic of early last century was largely overshadowed by the brutality of wartime, despite claiming more lives than the war itself did, cradled in that line between the nightmare and waking up. It brings forth the question of this pandemic, is it likely to end and become obscure – lost to time like a bad haircut from a few months ago we never took photos of and pretend didn’t happen at all?” Read more…

“– Noo den Mam, whit’s fir tae da night?
– I made smoked fish an’ brö wi’ tatties an’ peas yun soond guid?
– Oh yea, dat’ll be juist splendit!
– Fine dat, will Morgan aet it tinks du?
– Yea, I’m sure shö wid. Dir no’ muckle at shö doesna aet.
– Shö seems lik a fine anoff lass onywye.
– Du liks her, den?
– Oh yis, shö seems möst lovely.
– Dat’s…dat’s guid tae hear, I’m blyde. Erm…Mam?
– Yis?
– Aboot Morgan…
– Mmm-hmm?
– Weel, me an’ her, wir…brawly closs.
– I kin see yun, yis.Read more…